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Company profile

We will build on our heritage and long history of the development of manufacturing and distribution of products of high value Sweets to win the hearts and minds of the consumer in the Middle East and selected international markets. 

Will strive to achieve this by working hard to accommodate the needs of the consumer and building strong brand names and business relationships based on win-win partnership with our suppliers and rely on a team of qualified professionals whom we consider their development and reward of our highest priority.

We are dealing with people fairly and with dignity and respect.

Our Products

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Hard Candy

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Keep In Touch


2 El Shahid Ismail Fahmy St.

Heliopolis - Cairo - Egypt

Tel: (+202) 24179 291
Fax: (+202) 24179 289
E-mail: customerservices@sima.com.eg


6 St Merfak El Myah,

Al-ameryah, cairo, Egypt

Tel: (+202) 24261659 / 8 / 7
Fax: (+202) 24261656
E-mail: customerservices@sima.com.eg